Parenting U

Dr. Kaseta, along with fellow pediatricianDr. Barbara Gannonhas developed an exciting new video education program entitledParenting U. Parenting U is a developmental course designed to help parents learn how to raise happy, healthy, confident and responsible children. The principles of this eight chapter program can be implemented with children at any age and any stage of personal development from toddlers to teenagers.

What makes the program unique is that it uses dozens of real life scenarios acted out on screen to demonstrate the parenting principles being taught. It is highly engaging and easy to understand because of the visual nature of the presentation. It can also be listened to as an audio course and will be accessible through a smart phone application.

With over 35 years of combined pediatric experience and ten children between them, Dr.’s Kaseta and Gannon understand and solve the real world challenges that parents face every day.

The program is currently being filmed – check back here for news on when it will be available!